Oil Paintings :

1. Somnath Temple built by Devi Ahilya Bai

2. Vishnupada Temple at Gaya

3. Kushavarta Ghat at Haridwar

4. Kashi Vishwanath Temple

(Painting of Maheshwar Ghat which is very impressive or of Mankarnika Ghat or Shri Tarkeshwar Ghat at Varanasi can be done if so desired).

Paintings in Water Colour/Tempera

1. “A Jewel noticed by Malhar Rao.” Eight year old Ahilya Bai noticed by Malhar Rao at a temple service at Chounde. He decides to marry her to his only son .

2. Ahilya Bai mounted on an elephant leading Malhar Rao’s troops .

3. Ahilya Bai in open darbar transacting business

4. Ahilya Bai inspecting building work at her new capital Maheshwar on the bank of Narmada river.

5. French commander Dudrenec presenting his trained battalions for Ahilya Bai’s inspection

6. Ahilya Bai worshipping in a Shiva Temple..

7. Young Ahilya Bai (age c. 20 years) with her maids in a garden by riverside at Maheshwar.

8. Ahilya Bai deliberating with Tukoji Holkar about state matters .

9&10. To be added later i.e. by September end after more study and discussion.

Line Sketches (Black & White)

1. Ahilya Bai seeing plans of Somnath and Kashi Vishwanath temples .

2. Ahilya Bai hearing an appeal for justice; personally enquires the facts of the caste

3. Hindu Scriptures being read to Ahilya Bai

4. Ahilya Bai’s daily routine

5. Ahilya Bai rewarding weavers of Maheshwar for their work.

6. Ahilya Bai seeing the sketches of the roads from Kaligat (Kolkata) to Puri and the other accross the Vindhyas .

7. Ahilya Bai personally examining the Khasgi account Bahis .

8. Damaged State of Kashi Vishwant and Somnath temples damaged on Aurangzeb orders.


1. Malhar Rao Holkar

2. Khande Rao/Tukoji Holkar/Ahilya Bai

Total No. of paintings, sketches, portraits = 4 + 10 + 7 + 2 = 23

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