Ahilyabai Holkar: Important events in her Life

  1. Marriage with Khanderao
  2. Battle of Panipat (She participates)
  3. Training by Malhar rao holkar in Administration, War strategies
  4. She draws a sketch of the route to varanasi / haridwar for a Visitor (VIP of Peshwa)
  5. Death of Husband Khanderao (Due to a gunfire)
  6. Sati and her decision not to on pursuasion by Malhar rao
  7. Son Malerao an useless and cruel sadist
  8. Death of malerao due to illness
  9. Ragoba’s futile attempt to attack and Ahilyas’ wise decision to pit him against the women’s battalion
  10. Her Oth and Speech to the people (During Raghoba’s raid news)
  11. Raghoba’s surrender
  12. Grieved / depressed due to loss of son and piligrimage to find solace away from indore. Finds Maheshwar on the banks of Narmada
  13. Ahilya’s house (Vast austere simple Temple like)
  14. Ahilya’s strategy to fight the mischievous robbers / thieves / Bhills / Dacoit
  15. Daughter Muktabai’s Swayamvar
  16. Battle suppressing Chandrawats (Rajputs) when Tukoji Holkar was away (Three wars)
  17. Saubhag singh (Rajput / Chandrawat) Punished for rebellion (tied to the muzzle of cannon and blown off)
  18. Her Famous Canon JALWA (dreaded and feared in wars)
  19. 5 Untimely deaths (3 satis, daughter – daughters-in-law) AHILYABAI’S SORROW
  20. Sati Procession (Ahilyabai’s sorrow)
  21. Dedication of State and its treasury to Lord Shiva
  22. Ahilya endowes temples / mosques
  23. Ahilya gives refuge to Muslims from Hyderabad
  24. Raghoba’s wife Anandi a beauty with jealousy to Ahilya’s fame. Sends her maid and gets to know first hand that shes’s dark and not so beautiful but anyone who comes in front of her would bow to her AURA
  25. Thrashing of Mahadji for being rude and overpowering and threatening her that shes a woman
  26. Throwing a book of praise by a famous poet into the Narmada
  27. Bhil leader and anataphandi a famous Lavani singer their encounter and bhil leaders praise for Ahilyabai
  28. Lavanis (Marathi romantic ballads) and deputation and convesion of a romantic famous ecstasy poet / singer in to a devotional singer.
  29. Marathi Poet Marthand / Sanskrit poet Khushali Ram / Musician AnantaPhandi were felicitated in her court
  30. Swami Phandi (A Maratha folk fair attended by thousands) and stream of Devotional ecstasy
  31. BRAHMAPURI a city ashram in varanasi where she nurtured and maintained scholars / Theologeans, Philosophers
  32. Abolishing old and anti-peoples’ laws like  I) Law usurping property of issueless widows ii) Accomodating Adoption for issueless widows iii) Reduce and abolish taxes
  33. Rich widow petitions for adoption and administration asks for one fourth of the wealth Ahilyabai , it amounts to bribery by the state
  34. Rich widow wants adoption and her cunning relatives try to cheat Ahilyabai rescues
  35. Ahilyabai unbiased and strong and ruthless “ She orders arrest of Son of TUKOJI HOLKAR after repeated warnings”
  36. Ahilyabai Orders Tukoji Holkar Vacate an issueless widows property which he occupies according to an old obsolete law
  37. Correcting erring Officers “ Subedar of Mahidpur” “ Revenue officer of Chandwar”
  38. Ahilya visits and inspects on Surprise checks on officers
  39. Ahilya visits officer’s homes to enquire about their wellbeing
  40. Ahilya’s death (Her favourite cow also dies the same day)
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  1. Really Great !!!!

  2. Probably incarnation of GODESS for the welfare of downtrodden!

  3. Thank’s…..

  4. She was really very brave n caring about all people.But in the history she is ignored .There should be at least one or two chapters to know about her.

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