“No nation can move forward, unless it squarely faces its past. The courage to remember helps us not to repeat the same mistakes and to build a better future for our children” says H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the Art of Living.

About FACT – India

FACT – India is committed to highlighting the magnificence of India and the threats to its sovereignty.

FACT India is a non-profit registered Trust with tax exemption, which is not non political (to any party or ideology). We organize exhibitions, conferences, as well as dialogue on issues that need immediate attention and have been ignored by Human Rights agencies for whatever reasons.


1) Create awareness

2) Trigger Action

3) Sustain the campaign until justice delivered

· We have been trying to give a voice to the Persecuted, such as the four hundred Kashmiri Pandits, the Bangladeshi Minorities, or the Victims of Naxalism.

· The other important aspect of FACT-India is History as it happened, not as it has been written. We have exhibitions on “Shivaji: A hero for modern India”, “Aurangzeb according to Moghul court documents”, and are about to commission projects on “Sufism, the true face of Islam”, and on “Ahalyabai Holkar: An ode to Indian Women”.

· You can also show some of the films that FACT has produced “Reliving the Partition pain: 1947”, “Victims of Terror: Mumbai blasts”, “World without Terror“, “Brahmins & OUC, the new Dalits of India”.

We welcome you to organize exhibitions along with FACT India. Though we are a not for profit agency, it involves a lot of research and effort to commission and produce the material.

· All you need is:

· A centrally Located Hall

· Printing of Exhibition Panels from a FACT DVD

· Pre-event Press Conference

· Media, Publicity & PR

· AV Coverage + Photos for FACT Archives

· Provide Travel, Boarding & Lodging for 1 FACT representative who will be present for the duration of the Exhibition

· Two volunteers to man the exhibition.

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  1. contact:www.worldshepherds.com

  2. i wonder if you can verify this fact : are you familiar with Baneshwar, the temple in the middle of Narmada River in Maheshwar MP India? fully named Baneshwar Mahadev Mandir. if you could please inform me where it is written in the Vedic scriptures that a heavenly line – like an axis – from the North Star passes through this temple to the earth’s centre or variously according to the storyteller, it goes thru the galactic centre – the ‘Centre of the Universe’ is its commonly known name in English. there is also a strong connection to this place and the belt of Orion in my Guru tradition and a scientific energy test was ordered of this point which recorded electromagnetic energy levels off the charts – i believe 385,000 bovis units. i wonder if you might know about this or verify this axis or line?

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